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Will Home Insurance Cover Deck Replacement for Wood Damage?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A wooden deck can be an excellent asset to the backyard. It also requires ongoing maintenance and upkeep. In some cases, damage can occur to it that is not your fault. It may the result of an unexpected incident, such as a fire. If that is the case, your home insurance may cover those losses. How do you know when home insurance can help you?

What Type of Damage Occurred?

The determination of whether home insurance can help lies in the damage's cause. Your policy may cover damage that happened due to a covered hazard. If the hazard is not something your policy covers, you have no protection. Here are some examples.

A Fire Damages the Deck

A fire catches the deck on fire. The damage is significant. The fire was accidental, such as the grill tipping over. It may be due to a lightning strike. In this case, the policy is likely to cover the damage to the deck brought on by the fire.

Termites Damage the Wood

Home insurance plans typically do not cover damage caused by insects including termites. This is part of the routine maintenance required of your deck. You are responsible for keeping your property safe from these risks. It is best to take steps to have a professional inspect your deck on an annual basis for any type of pest risk. This can help preserve the surface.

The Deck Rots

Normal wear and tear is also not a covered hazard. Most types of wooden decks need routine maintenance to keep them clean and mold-free. They also need protection from the elements with sealants. If you fail to maintain the deck in these ways, your home insurance is not likely to be able to help you with the damage.

The Deck Suffered Damage in Vandalism

A wooden deck can suffer significant damage from vandalism. Damage from weapons, paint, and other destruction can be costly to repair. Most home insurance policies cover vandalism losses. This includes losses related to damage another person not living in your home causes. Typically, it does not cover damage you cause to the deck, though. Certain acts of war or terrorism might have no coverage either.

When a covered incident occurs, home insurance steps in to help you with the loss. This may include making repairs to the existing structure. If the damage is too significant, the insurer may provide the funds to rebuild the deck. Work with your agent to file this type of claim. Be thorough in reporting what happened and why it occurred.


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