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Is Your Home Insurance at Risk? 9 Reasons It Could Get Canceled

When unexpected events like hail damage or fallen trees affect your home, having homeowners' insurance can be a lifesaver. However, insurance companies are not obligated to provide coverage and can cancel a policy if they deem it necessary.

According to insurance experts, insurers have the right to cancel a homeowner's policy within 59 days of issuance for any reason. After that, cancellation can occur due to non-payment of premiums, property changes, or misrepresentation on the application.

If your policy is canceled, you'll typically receive a 30-day notice to secure new coverage. However, finding a new insurer might be challenging as some companies may be wary of offering coverage to individuals with a history of policy cancellations.

To avoid policy cancellations, it's crucial to be aware of potential red flags that could lead to insurance companies pulling the plug. Here are some common reasons your policy may be canceled:

1. Installing high-risk features like trampolines or pools without notifying your insurer in advance.

2. Running a business from your home without disclosing it to your insurer.

3. Having a felon move into your household without notifying your insurer.

4. Living in a high-crime area that impacts your coverage.

5. Having a dog breed that is deemed aggressive or unpredictable by insurance companies.

6. Neglecting home maintenance, leading to exterior or interior risks.

7. Leaving your property vacant for an extended period.

8. Filing too many claims within a short time frame.

9. Living in an area prone to natural disasters that may prompt insurers to stop coverage or increase rates.

Understanding these potential pitfalls can help you maintain your homeowner's insurance and avoid unexpected cancellations. It's essential to communicate openly with your insurer and address any concerns to ensure your coverage remains intact.


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