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Is it safe to say that the COVID-19 Pandemic is in our rearview mirrors?

Mask restrictions have been lifted. Vaccines continue to be available. Plus, international travel is back, a massive win for those of us with wanderlust.

Just because the pandemic is behind us doesn’t mean everything is rainbows and daisies. Unfortunately, COVID still exists; even if you’re vaccinated, you can still catch the virus. Plus, there’s always room for mutations to occur when dealing with viruses. A new vaccine-resistant strain could pop up at any time.

So, what does this all mean for the international traveler? What precautions should be taken if you catch COVID-19 while traveling abroad? Also, what’s the financial risk to you, the traveler – and how can you protect yourself against said risk?

Here’s a helpful resource. Travel and Leisure has compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to be mindful of if you catch the virus while on an international trip.

To summarize:

  • Do follow quarantine recommendations to avoid spreading the virus

  • Don’t wait to seek medical attention, especially if you’re at higher risk for severe illness

  • Do pack a COVID-19 essentials kit that includes a COVID-19 test, over-the-counter meds, a thermometer, masks, etc.

  • Do get properly tested.

  • Do get travel insurance that provides adequate coverage for these situations

You can prepare for most of the above-mentioned items on your own. The last bullet, though, might require help from a Travel Insurance Expert.

There are Coronavirus-friendly plans explicitly designed to help hedge against the costs associated with getting COVID-19 while traveling. It is recommended that all travelers consider purchasing Coronavirus-friendly travel insurance. These types of plans are critical for those traveling in a post-pandemic world. Coverage may include costs connected with travel delays, emergency medical and evacuation, trip cancelation and interruption, and the like.

Not all coronavirus plans are identical. Therefore, it’s crucial you get paired with plans that best meet your specific needs and budget. It is highly recommended to work with knowledgeable travel insurance agents. A reputable agent should always have your best interest in mind. They should do the work required to provide you with the most suitable options.

Oftentimes, travelers need more than just coronavirus plan protection. Other types of plans may prove valuable depending on the coverage needed and the available budget. Such options include Cancel For Any Reason policies, Interrupt For Any Reason policies, and others. If you’re considering travel insurance, call the Travel Insurance Experts at All in One Insurance Group. They specialize in finding the best travel insurance options for your needs and budget. You can reach us at 425-337-2456 or 844-213-3597


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